Yeilds were absolutely crazy low last year

and it looks to maybe continue this year but how can it!

Interest rates look to remain the same and the smaller companies on the North Shore are keeping their heads above water but they are still going to have to pay the rent and cover ever growing costs. So I feel there is going to be a settling of the market in 2016.

North Shore Commercial would love to discuss our position. So give me a call!

There are several properties that may come on the market with North Shore Commercial early in 2016 and if you would like to discuss your properties with me with the view to reinvest be quick.

I am also currently working to secure a large office warehouse in Albany to lease, again off market.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me re your North Shore Commercial Property needs.

An honest free appraisal is just a call away.

Elliott Molesworth

Gill and Gundry purchased this building late last year and with a coat of paint and some TLC have added value and street appeal to there head office for another 30 years.

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